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Rawabi Holding is a diversified conglomerate headquartered in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are committed to empowering people, innovation, and economic development as a leader in energy, industrial, and contracting services.

About Rawabi Holding

At Rawabi, we harness the power of our people to shape the future of industries. We go above and beyond the call of duty to help clients bring mega projects to life and build the Nation of tomorrow.

About Rawabi Holding
About Rawabi Holding

Our history is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, which has propelled us from our trading legacy to a diversified conglomerate in Saudi Arabia.

Rooted in the GCC region, Rawabi Holding has developed extensive expertise in understanding and anticipating market dynamics to empower industries in the public and private sectors with next-generation services and induce a greener tomorrow for all.

As an energy, contracting, and industrial solutions provider, we are driven by the professionalism of our people, legacy business expertise, and the latest know-how to deliver transformative solutions and positively impact the communities we serve. 

By leveraging partnerships with visionary companies across diverse sectors such as energy, contracting, industrial, and real estate, we contribute to the empowerment of Saudi Arabia’s journey toward a prosperous future.


We deliver transformative services in various industries, including process and control systems, oilfield services, onshore operations, marine services, and more, aiming to advance the innovations of tomorrow.
Energy Services

We provide specialized energy services encompassing the full spectrum of oil and gas exploration and production. Our expertise lies in drilling chemicals, mechanical equipment, and advanced control systems bolstered by strategic joint ventures and robust supply chain management.

  • Redressing, Hardfacing, Repairing, and Manufacturing Services for Downhole Tools
    • Drilling Tools Rental
    • Thru Tubing Services
    • Fishing and Remedial
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More About Our Companies

Rawabi Energy

Rawabi Energy delivers innovative, value-creating services in marine, oilfield, and safety and field risk management globally.

Rawabi Archer

Renowned oilfield service provider with 40+ years of expertise in drilling and well services.

Rawabi Pason

Leading supplier of specialized data management systems for drilling rigs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Rawabi Geolog

Providing transformative mud and surface logging services to the oil and gas industry, with a commitment to empower our clients to discover new solutions.
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At Rawabi, we converge diverse industries to deliver cutting-edge, sustainable solutions that inspire growth and push the boundaries of innovation.