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Sustainability and CSR

Building a Brighter Future for Everyone

At Rawabi Holding, we are committed to sustainable community development through ethical business practices, community engagement, and continuous investments.

Integrating sustainability into our core business strategy.

Our Objective

Our goal is to improve the lives of our stakeholders and value their work and contributions justly by implementing transparent policies. We aim to accomplish this mission through innovation and continuous investment in community and environmentally-conscious initiatives.

Our Approach

Our Sustainability and CSR approach involves actively contributing to our communities' sustainable and economic development, focusing on stakeholder engagement, addressing key development needs, and operating within a transparent, ethical framework aligned with global best practices.

Ahmed AlQadeeb
Managing Director at Rawabi Energy

"As our company continues to grow and transform to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of our world, we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence. We work daily to align our prospects with the beliefs and values of our diverse employees and our dynamic markets.

Rawabi is a purpose-driven organization, strategically incorporating principles of environmental and social responsibility into our daily practices, our future strategy, and our business development commitments."

Ahmed AlQadeeb <br/> Managing Director at Rawabi Energy
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering communities

We champion social initiatives such as Youth Empowerment Community Investment and Corporate Community Service, each reflecting our commitment to empowering people.
 Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Initiatives

Youth Empowerment Program

We use this comprehensive initiative to nurture and guide youth aged 16-24 with internships, talent exhibits, career guidance, and mentorship to empower them to propel forward.

Community Investment

We inspire community development in Saudi Arabia and globally by actively supporting individuals and organizations working in the healthcare, education, and culture sectors.

Corporate Community Service

An initiative to empower our employees to actively participate in volunteer opportunities that include diverse campaigns-- from blood donation to supporting cancer foundations and relief efforts.
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